Credits and Resources

Open Source Software relies on collaboration, and I’m more than happy to receive help from other developers. Here I’ll list the main contributions.

  • Adolfo Jayme-Barrientos, aka fitojb for the Spanish translation

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who contributes to the development of When by commenting, filing bugs, suggesting features and testing. Every kind of help is welcome.

The top panel icons and the emblems used in the application were selected within Google’s Material Design icon collection.

The application icon has been created by Rafi at GraphicsFuel.


As said above, this software is designed to run mainly on Ubuntu and the chosen framework is Python 3.x with PyGObject (GTK 3.0); the interface is developed using the Glade interface designer. The resources I found useful are:

The guidelines specified in UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles have been roughly followed to create the launcher from within the application.

Many hints and valuable information have been found on StackOverflow and the other sites in the StackExchange network.

Bugs and Errors

When is hosted on GitHub: the repository contains the most recent stable code as well as developement and feature branches. The master branch might include more recent code with respect to the packaged distributions. The repository for When also gives access to the bug tracking system, in the form of the Issues mechanism. Issues can be used to provide information on bugs or features that could make When more useful.

Before filing an issue please consider that

  • in the case of a bug some data are needed:

    • When version
    • Linux distribution and complete version
    • Python 3.x detailed version
    • How When was installed (which package, or how source was obtained)
    • Steps to reproduce the problem.

    Before filing a bug please verify that there is no open equivalent issue, or that the issue is not a particular case of an already open one.

  • for a feature request the following should be taken into account:

    • whether or not it would make the applet more useful or usable
    • if the feature being requested is just a shortcut for something that can already be done via configuration (for instance, adding an event that could be provided using a signal handler)
    • how it would impact on When in terms of weight and responsiveness
    • the impact that it would have on backward compatibility.

    Consider that When should try to remain as small as possible, it already eats up around 20MBytes as it is: most effort in its development should go towards simplification and extendability via external tools.

The repository is also the starting point for other forms of contributions. There is a separate documentation for contributors, that tries to cover most possible areas.